● Cows are always cool and calm

● Because their staple food (grass) is on the ground all the time

● Let us grow more & more grass

● And keep the cows always happy & contended

● After feeding on green grass

● Cows give us enormous amount of milk

● Which is a wholesome diet to us

● That keeps us healthy & happy all the time

● What is grass for cows

● Is actually milk for humans

● Hence it is my strong belief

● That what is food for one being

● Is always a food for another being

● This is God’s way of giving every being a role & responsibility in the mixed world !



Much needed help, in times of emergency, does not come so easily as compared to casual or routine help.

The other day while driving on the road/highway, I came across a huge truck stranded on the road because of a flat tyre and the driver sitting helplessly waiting for some help.

Ironically the truck was fully loaded with brand new tyres (for transportation) but none of them fit for it. In other words, none of the tyres loaded or stacked on the truck was fit or useful for the truck in order to replace the flat or damaged tyre !

This pathetic sight of the huge truck reminded me of those people who have “many friends” but the day you need one badly, no one can really help !

Come to think of it, a friend in need is rare indeed !!



A Prakash Rao

A Prakash Rao


He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,