Lessons And Experiences Of Life

A Prakash Rao
1 min readApr 19, 2022


Being an idealist, being a law abiding citizen, and being a whistle blower in a country like India, comes with a heavy price and repercussions. I, like many others before me, faced the wrath of a society or system for having taken my formal education, which taught me moral values of life, seriously and in letter & spirit. Yes, I was victimized for calling a spade a spade. In other words, I suffered for all the wrong reasons as abashedly cited below :

  • I suffered not for being incapable, but for being too capable
  • I suffered not for being dishonest, but for being brutally honest
  • I suffered not for concealing facts, but for being transparent
  • I suffered not for accepting undue favors, but for refusing undeserved favors
  • I suffered not for being a braggart, but for being reserved and discreet
  • I suffered not for being rude & arrogant, but for being frank & outspoken
  • I suffered not for breaking rules, but for sticking to norms & guidelines
  • I suffered not for disrespecting the institution, but for defying the system

Bottom line : I suffered because I did not belong to the so-called “system” or diplomatic scheme of things framed for the purpose of convenience. I was a total misfit in the manipulated system and fake environment. I suffered for preferring to walk alone in the path laid by me !



A Prakash Rao

He was a Prinicipal Scientist in a leading CSIR laboratory having worked in the areas of Catalysis, Polymeric Membranes & Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology