Indian Gastronomy

Gujaratis Are By Virtue Of What They Eat. By the way, Gujaratis are natives of Gujarat located in western part of India which happens to be one of the most developed and prosperous states of India.

Nobody in the world enjoys food like a Gujarati. Gujaratis enjoy and relish food as much as they enjoy life. They eat to live well and to lead a quality & purposeful life. They live & lead a king-size life because they eat judiciously well and with defined purpose. Age is just a number for them. In other words, although they age numerically, they stay young and energetic both physically & mentally. It has been found and reported that the mortality rate of an average Gujarati is very low than an average Indian.

Their entire approach towards food is based on Indian Ayurveda philosophy and Hindu way of living, as specified in vedic texts & scriptures, which define the do’s & don’ts of proper living.

Hindu philosophy and Upanishads stress the following : “ Do not eat alone, do not eat in isolation ; Say grace (prayers) to the dining table before & after consuming food ; Thank mother nature & God almighty for providing you food ; Share your food with others ; Eat food that is of “sattvik” guna (meaning pleasant property) ; Do not insult or waste food, eat in proper measures.

I know many Gujaratis who still follow the above norms strictly in letter & spirit, in spite of their urban/lavish living and in spite of their busy & hectic schedule.

Interestingly, Gujaratis end their meals always with a sweet dish which is to say : “All is well that ends sweetly and all that ends sweetly ends well”.

Not surprisingly it is this Gujarati food & culture that has produced or given to the nation three esteemed sons of the soil namely : (1) Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu who happens to be the man of the millenium, (2) Sardar Vallabhai Patel who happens to be the iron man of India, (3) Narendra Modi who is the current Indian Prime Minister and undoubtedly the man of future India !



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A Prakash Rao

A Prakash Rao

He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,