Forget TRP — I am concerned about IRP (India’s Rating Points)

Since last 10 days we have been hearing a lot about the TRP scam involving some TV channels and there is a verbal war and ugly spat between opposite parties that has gone beyond the limits of decency and decorum !

Following this ugly incident, i have been asking myself the following questions which have suddenly crept in to my mind : “What is India’s rating points as on today ? How do we rate India, our country of 1300 million people ? How does the world view India ? Where do we stand in the world/global scenario in terms of prosperity, popularity, security, market strength & potential, urban development, infrastructure, literacy, social index, and transparency ? These are the so called “Bar-O-Meters” or parameters which determine India’s Rating Points (IRP), based on which the foreign investors will flock to India for investment.

But given the present circumstances, will the foreign/global investors flock to India ? Will they invest in India in the immediate future ? The prospects of global investors or market giants investing in India now or in the coming years looks very very bleak. Even NRIs have started looking the other way !

Following the TRP scam, the message is loud and clear — beware and be aware of “middlemen” and “fixers” who are the strong pillars of corruption ; they are capable of “fixing” the fate and destiny of people ; they are flourishing while India is perishing which is a pathetic situation and must be dealt with, on a war footing. Individual malafide agendas must not be allowed to be pursued at the expense of National interests.

Breaking news : Some TV news channels are inventing or creating fake news, then recreating them as “real” incidents, and finally reporting them as “breaking” news.

May Goddess Bhavani shower wisdom & sanity on all of us !


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A Prakash Rao

He was a Prinicipal Scientist in a leading CSIR laboratory having worked in the areas of Catalysis, Polymeric Membranes & Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology