Democracy At The Cost Of Humanity

Perils Of Democracy :

Democracy was born out of our inability to understand the basic and fundamental problems of all humanity

Democracy was born, not out of necessity, but out of curiosity to experience & enjoy the implications of enormous uncontrolled freedom

Democracy reveals and exposes the state of our disunity and thereby our insensitivity when we are found adopting and nurturing an attitude of : “ What is in it for me ”

Democracy gives us rights to “unlimited & uncalled-for” liberty, and when rights multiply only to divide people, there are wrongs beyond all rationality

Democracy leads to divisions in human society, which in turn leads to wide cracks in human unity, that in turn poses a grave danger to survival and sustainability

Democracy is not free of cost, it comes with a heavy price that is costing us human lives ; Ironically we cast a vote (ballot) only to pay for our precious lives (bullet)

Democracy supports all faiths, but also encourages some “selective” faiths to the point of pompous & pampered secularism ; the unreasonable demands and conflicts that arise helps us to fill our history books with modified versions to follow

Democracy distracts us from a sad reality - the bankruptcy of ideas & intellect and our inability to think out of the box

Democracy results in fights & quarrels because we agree only to DISAGREE ; the bitter politicking & bickering among lawmakers demonstrates our insensitivity and disrespect to the constitution

Democracy depends on makeshift philosophy of convenience with which we try to narrow the bridge or gap between the rich & poor, only to find a gaping hole in our pockets !!



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A Prakash Rao

A Prakash Rao

He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,