Caught Between Myth & Reality

There are several instances in life when your mind plays havoc with your heart and as a result you get caught or rather trapped in the web of myth or delusion for some time before waking up to harsh reality. As human beings we all fall prey to myths, delusions and false hopes, given the fact that we have been gifted with a fertile mind & a romantic heart by God almighty !

This has happened with me also when i was in the spring of my life,about two decades back, wherein my fertile & restless mind played havoc with me which saw me going through various stages of emotions as i journeyed from myth to reality !

Wishful thinking : I had this vague feeling of comfort that my loved one (chosen one) was growing up every moment and evolving day by day as per my expectations

Dreams : One day she might become my perfect partner, stepping into my life and my modest home. It is but natural that she might expect modern and improved services in tune with the new age & new traditions

Resolution : So be it, so be the extra adjustments and so be the extra mile of my efforts, provided it enhances the image of my life and the quality of her precious living

Determination : I was ready for a complete makeover & shift in my life so as to fulfill and realize her cherished ambitions of life. I too shall grow in “stature” beyond her expectations

Disappointment & stark reality : The end game turned out to be an anti-climax and i woke up to the harsh reality that she was confused, unsure, and not inclined to move into my well guarded, well protected and well maintained Life !

All good dreams and all good intentions come to an abrupt end !

He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,