A World Of Creative Minority & Non-Thinking Majority

Sometime back I happened to attend a global forum which was attended by intellectuals (elite/expert delegates) who were in minority and non-elite delegates like me who were in majority, but nevertheless too keen to rub shoulders with elite or expert delegates.

Interestingly, in one of the special and “out of box” sessions, the non-elite or non-expert delegates including me were asked to speak or debate on a topic titled : “ Minority versus Majority ”. The topic was obviously chosen considering the fact this had become a burning issue in India which even decided the fate of the political parties and governments in power.

Not surprisingly nobody wanted to debate on the vexed & sensitive topic and offered some lame excuses and silly explanations as to why it was pointless to debate on a topic which was perennially problematic in nature.

However I chose to speak on the so-called sensitive issue with glee and child-like enthusiasm. The gist of what I said or presented before an august gathering in the global forum is given or recreated below :

“ I consider it a great privilege to speak on a topic which is a universal issue and globally important in the present circumstances. I am of the opinion that there are two categories or sections of people in the world.

The first category of people are those who are creative (thinkers) - these people are small in numbers and hence I designate them as “creative minority”. The second category of people are those who are non-creative (non-thinkers) - these are very large in numbers and I designate them as non-thinking majority.

Every nation, kingdom, or society depends on the creative minority for its progress and survival. In other words, the creative minority is responsible for the security and upliftment of non-thinking masses who are in majority.

A creative minority is always small in numbers but, if it is in tune with the majority, and is always trying to pull or propel the latter up and make it advance or progress, then the gap between the two is lessened whereby a stable and progressive culture results.

Without the pro-active support of creative minority, a civilization will inevitably decay. But it may also decay if the bond between the creative minority and non-thinking majority is fragile or broken resulting in utter chaos and breakdown of law & order in a civilized society.

In conclusion, it is very important and critical for non-intellectual masses to toe the line of intellectual or creative minority and maintain a healthy bond and understanding with the latter. When there is no bond or understanding or agreement between creative thinkers (who are in minority) and non-thinking masses (who are in majority), then there is a complete loss of social unity in society as a whole, whereby the creative minority itself loses its creativeness and becomes barren and sterile !

I am afraid I see this situation prevailing in the world wherein the creative people or intellectuals have been ignored, pushed back, and relegated to the background by the brute majority of insane non-intellectuals who suffer from an inferiority complex. May God save the planet ”



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A Prakash Rao

A Prakash Rao


He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,