A Research is an endless search

This is what I call, a “Re-search” where, chemicals & solutions all the time you search, where you have a namesake & pompous guide to clutch desperately, who is always on world tours & worldwide search to places which he calls meetings where he gets all the free things (freebies) for participating patiently in dull & uneventful sittings !

And when he returns back to the chambers of research he confronts me and wants to know whether I have performed any scientific tasks during his long absence. I reply & react spontaneously by saying “ Yes i have broken many flasks and not entered a single record ”. After this honest submission of mine, i am mercilessly shown the door.

The rest is history, mystery & untold misery. I honestly feel that i have been taken for a ride by a Gentleman who calls himself my Guide !

No wonder scientists are flourishing at the expense of Science !!

He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,