In the immediate aftermath of Tsunami that struck the South Indian coast in 2004, we happened to visit Andaman & Nicobar islands for installation of two Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plants at the selected sites/islands.

Subsequently we were successful in installing and operating RO plants in Car Nicobar island/Air Force Station (1000 LPH capacity) and Great Nicobar island/Campbell Bay (1500 LPH capacity). Incidentally Great Nicobar island or Campbell bay, as it was also called, was the southernmost tip point of A&N islands.

Following the tough & nightmarish tour, I made the following notes in my personal diary titled “My Experiences & Analysis” :

What I realized : “ The Harder you work, the Luckier you get ”

What I understood : “ If you do what you are supposed to do, you will get what you are supposed to get, sooner or later ”

What I experienced with my team members : “ Ability without Responsibility is a Liability ”

What I felt or concluded after seeing the functioning of local administration or bureaucracy : (1) “ If Tsunami was a natural calamity, post-Tsunami was a man-made disaster ” ; (2) “ The dictatorship and arrogant attitude of Civil administration officials was more destructive and damaging than the Tsunami ”

My emotional & poignant moment : Installing RO plant at Great Nicobar island or Campbell bay (tip of A&N) which was akin to installing or hoisting the Indian National Flag (tricolor) on Mount Everest !

Old sayings stand modified by me : (1) “ Little pure drops are made or produced from the mighty (salty) ocean ” ; (2) “ Daredevils rush in where angels fear & refuse to tread ” ; (3) “ Technology favors the brave ”

Threatening moments : (1) My team members (3 of them) threatened to walk out of the project twice ; (2) One of the senior bureaucrats namely Relief Commissioner threatened to refuse granting an official permission to me for leaving the island and vowed to keep me stranded for good !

Song of the Tour : Seated on the deck of the ship one night, while travelling by sea from Car Nicobar island to Great Nicobar island or Campbell bay, I thought to myself philosophically, “ People who are thousand miles away from you can make you feel better & rejuvenated than people who are right beside you ”

Bottom Line : All is well that ends well and all that ends well bodes well to all.

It’s apropos “SHE” is loud and brash,

A “run-out” in a game of cricket gives her the second name.

She blows her own trumpet and tweets nonstop,

For mass unrest & anarchy is her game,

And Bamboozle is her stock-in-trade.

By her account she is the only best,

The greatest & best of them all, she boasts.

Her skill is in division and partition though,

Too sad & tragic that “divided we will all fall”.

Despite how strong & invincible she thinks she is,

She draws her strength solely from those divisions.

Without “divisions” she would fade away,

And wouldn't at all survive another day.

Alas with some intellectual intervention,

People like her would be a rare breed.

The divisions sustaining divisive forces,

Must be avoided at any cost to fill the void.

If we’d accept & resolute we can’t do that to us,

All divisive forces & “run outs” we could defeat.

If we stop giving attention to divisive elements,

We would definitely unite humanity,

And might survive to live another century !

Knowledge, Knowledge everywhere

Yet still we don’t know how to think.

Knowledge, Knowledge & loads of theories

Yet still we are unable to translate into practice.

Knowledge, Knowledge trapped in the ivory chambers

Waiting to be tried and tested in the field of reality.

Abounding knowledge intended to keep us afloat

But deeper into misery & abysmal we seem to sink.

What weighs us down are not the gospel facts

We need in order to survive and sustain.

What is really drowning us are “mountains”

Of the so-called “knowledge” of why we are alive.

With a determination in my restless mind

I had a small communion with my inner SELF.

Once more I searched the endless mountains

For perhaps another place to start & begin with.

So with a failure here and failure there

I kept searching for “knowledge” that would eventually pass.

But alas what I really discovered while exploring

Was the fact that the mountains have no mass !

Every time my spouse has to step out of the house, she stares mournfully at her open wardrobe which is usually fully stacked, and a “all too familiar” scream emanates from her mouth : “ I have nothing to wear ”.

Usually I have no objection to my wife purchasing new clothes, except that her insatiable need for them bears no logical relation to the large wardrobe and several suitcases full of seldom-worn clothes in perfectly good condition which are already in her proud possession.

Saris are hysterical & magnificent obsession of majority of Indian women. “ I have got to have a new chiffon sari ”, my wife would say with a note of desperation in her voice. “ But you already are in possession of many chiffon saris ”, I would protest meekly. “ Yes ”, agrees my stubborn wife, “ but I don’t have one to go with my new baandhani blouse ”. I am tempted to ask her as to why in blazes did she not buy a new bandhani blouse to go with one of her many chiffon saris, but I check myself knowing fully well the futility of attempting to counter female logic.

Buying one article of clothing in order to fulfill or match another article of clothing, is a gambit passed on from mother to daughter, generation after generation.

It is generally of little consequence to women whether their clothes indicate good/cool taste in color or pattern, or even whether they fit or accommodate the body properly. I have seen women wearing shocking pink or red silk sari in bright sunlight. They literally ruined my day. For an average young Indian woman, the paramount consideration is that the clothes must be of this year’s style, or better still, this month’s trend. When asked by me to wear an ‘out of fashion’ dress because it was cool & pleasant looking, my wife has been heard to reply scornfully : “Are you mad or paranoid” !

Bottom Line : The best recourse, of course, is to give in or submit completely and buy such/much clothing as your wife demands. Just think how happy this will make not only your wife but also the local vendors & shopkeepers. If more and more husbands similarly give in, it might even stimulate the flagging economy and reduce the national debt, even as your own debt increases !

Final word & Final assault : I once boldly suggested to my sartorial wife that she could buy as many clothes as she wanted by selling some of her seldom used jewelry. She EXPLODED *******

I am still experiencing the aftershocks !

Then there was not non-existent nor existent,

Then there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it.

What covered in, and where ? and what gave shelter ?

Was water there, unfathomed depth of water ?

Death was not then, nor was there aught immortal.

No indication was there as to the day’s and night’s divider.

That one thing, “breathless”, breathed by its own nature,

Apart from it was nothing whatsoever.

Darkness there was in the beginning,

Concealed in darkness, all this was undiscriminating chaos.

All that existed then was void and formless,

By the great power of warmth was born that “single unit”.

Thereafter rose “desire” in the beginning,

Desire - the primal seed and germ of spirit.

Sages who searched through their heart and mind,

Discovered the existent’s kinship in the non-existent.

Transversely was their severing line extended,

What was above it then, and what below it ?

There were begetters and there were mighty forces,

Free action here and energy of yonder.

Who verily knows and who can here declare it,

Whence it was born and whence originated this creation ?

The Gods came much later than this world’s production.

Who knows, then, whence it first came into being.

HE, the first origin of this creation,

Whether he formed it all or did not form it.

Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven,

He verily knows it, or perhaps he knows it not !

(“O Faith endow us with belief”)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - both are not revealed. India thrives on such “magical” technologies especially in urban areas among elite sections of people. No questions are asked so far as the desired & promised results are instant and quick (immediate), notwithstanding the durability and life of the technology. Such technologies are short-lived, but because of the initial success and euphoria, no questions are asked and the demerits & defects of the technology are conveniently forgotten. The bottom line is that it has served its purpose and nobody is interested in seeking the hidden science or formula behind the technology.

Come to think of it, I regret and feel sad that I was involved (as a team member) with couple of indigenous & genuine technologies which were not accepted, encouraged, and trusted by general public because they were all too revealing and transparent. Ironically it has been observed and experienced by me that the more you reveal, the less people are convinced !

Being transparent and having a “bare all” attitude is a virtue that is not practiced and encouraged in India. For an average Indian, ignorance seems to be bliss !

It is no secret that any pompous and celebrated technology does not reveal the hidden formula or scientific truths behind the end result or the end product. No issues, considering that everything is fair, cool, and non-obligatory with a hidden or concealed technology so far as it does not play or mess with the lives of innocent/gullible people ; the day this happens, it stands to get mercilessly bared and exposed.

Eventually people will stop believing or trusting any technology in the long run !

Recently there was a cabinet reshuffle and cabinet expansion at the central ministry. About 36 members of parliament were newly or freshly inducted into the Central cabinet. The average age of newly inducted ministers was said to be 46 years.

The Headlines in one of the loud TV news channels read : “ New council of young & dynamic ministers have been sworn in by the President of India ”. So far so good, India Incorporation is indeed shining, I thought to myself.

But very recently there was a transparency report, as per the survey or scrutiny conducted by ADR (elite & prestigious version of HRD),which said/concluded that 42% of the new council of ministers of Central government have criminal cases pending against them and 90% of them are millionaires.

Not surprisingly, the findings of the report did not shock the nation. This was the order of the day and hence accepted by all with a pinch of salt !

Bottom Line :

1. While the criminal rate is going up, the poverty rate is coming down

2. In order to defeat or overcome poverty, you need to commit crimes obviously as per the “survival of meanest” theory

3. In order to be a politician or a lawmaker, you need to be a criminal and a millionaire because eventually you will be dealing with criminals & millionaires. Where is the time for common man ?

4. Everything is fair and handsome in politics !

Cows are always calm and contented,

Because their staple food is on the ground,

All the time and all seasons of time.

Let us hence grow more & more grass,

And keep the cows always happy & docile.

After feeding on evergreen natural grass,

Cows yield us perennial & pure milk for consumption,

That keeps us ever healthy & eternally happy.

Know that what is grass for a Cow,

Is actually wholesome milk for humans.

Hence it is my strong belief and conviction,

That what is food for one being,

Is indeed a food for another being.

This is God’s way of giving every being a responsibility,

For restoring parity and order in the mixed world !

Listen to my honest submission,

which is also my bold confession.

I have said “Sorry” to various people,

umpteen times in my chequered life,

than have I said “Thanks” to people.

Which only goes to indicate,

that I have hardly been or seldom been,

in the receiving end till date,

either through kind or through deed.

I owe nothing to the vast world,

although the world owes me a small prayer,

for my eternal wellness and well-being.

Forgive, Forget, & Move on,

are the golden words & principles of wisdom.

Say sorry and end the matter for good,

Say sorry and begin a new chapter for sure.

Life is full of adjustments,

Life is full of compromises,

which are made to restore peace & parity.

“Sorry” is the beautiful invention of God,

“Sorry” is indeed the sacred word & gospel truth of God.

It is God’s way of telling us,

“I give you one more chance to mend your life,

so as to make it more worthy, meaningful, & harmonious”.

Say sorry and experience the world of Good,

Say sorry and tour the world of God !

Women are on a high these days ; In fact modern day Indian women never had it so good (post pandemic). They are now bold and loud without being aggressive or violent. They are seen either raising a point or stressing a point on every issue of national importance. I must admit here that they come to the “debate” with proper homework and are equipped with undisputed & reliable facts to support their argument.

Gone are the days when Indian women were mute spectators to the happenings around them. Today’s women are vocal and daring to the point of being dramatic. They change their emotions & expressions as the situation demands.

On one side of the spectrum, you have women criticizing the central government & central leadership on each and every vexed issue at the drop of a hat.

On another side of the spectrum, you have women who keep heaping praises on the central government & central leadership. More often than not, they act as the unofficial spokespersons of the central government thereby posing a diplomatic threat to the real & official spokespersons of the government or ruling party.

All said & dusted, I support and welcome woman empowerment & woman activism, so what if there is a lot of drama and theatrics involved. Women are the real performers now in post-corona India. Pandemic has made them only bold, confident, determined & convincing. They can make you change your mind, they can make you emotional, they can make you weep, and they can make you laugh. Brace yourself for “all woman” circuses in near future.

Women are here to stay as MEN !

A Prakash Rao

He was Scientist in one of the leading CSIR lab. He has published many leading international journal of publication. He spend most of the time writing stories,

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